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Prototype Python Toolbox in ArcGIS Pro for Sen2Cube


With approximately 1000 lines of code for dynamic and responsive toolbox behaviour, on-the-fly parameter validation, and to establish a live connection to an EO-data cube application, this toolbox serves as a "proof of concept" to demonstrate the compatibility of the Sen2Cube EO Data Cube with ArcGIS Pro such that registered users can access the application directly from within their ArcGIS Pro desktop software.

For full documentation and to download the toolbox (you must be a Sen2Cube user to make full use of the toolbox) please ​visit my GitHub repository:

To share the toolbox and its source code widely, the GitHub repository and toolbox are under the GNU General Public License v3.0. This project has since been forked into the main University Organisation ZGIS and is being further developed (by myself and others).

How the Toolbox works


Demo Videos:

Kabul River, Afghanistan: Count Water Presence Inference.

This demo shows an example of how to use the toolbox and then work with the results in ArcGIS.

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