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 Workshops for School Classes and Young Scientists


The iDEAS:lab is the outreach arm of the University of Salzburg's Geoinformatics department where school classes or university students can visit to learn about the research and technologies that we work with at the department. 

To open the doors into the world of geoinformatics for young students, we regularly offer various workshops in which participants get hands-on learning experiences! 

My role is to both design and hold these workshops. Some impressions are shown below.


School Vacation Programme at the iDEAS:lab

My colleague and me designed a 3-day school-break programme targeting especially young girls (10 - 15) to have a fun time during the school holidays and learn all about geoinformatics at the same time! 

The programme included:


  • active wildfire detection on satellite images

  • geo-social media analysis for natural disaster responses

  • assembling environmental sensors and collecting geolocated data with them

  • a cartography session where the kids got to make their own creative map decisions with data that they themselves previously collected

  • a career brainstorming and advice session

  • free-play with the tech in the iDEAS:lab

  • choosing their own 3D model for 3D printing

  • a humanitarian aid workshop with a satellite image analysis to improve camp designs

  • photographic data collection for citizen science, followed by discussion and analysis

Hosting Students' Summer Internships

During the summer vacation 3 students joined us in the iDEAS:lab to conduct their own research projects, incl. data collection, analysis, visualisation and presentation. 

Click on their presentations to see their full StoryMaps!


3D Printing, Assembling and Programming Robots (to be used for workshops)

A current project is to create our own educational robots, which will be used for workshops. 

We are currently in the process of 3D printing, assembling and programming our own smars robots. Once they are done and tested we will use them for interactive and fun workshops. 

In addition, I created my own "radar"-mimicking robot, which simply senses distance and presents it in a cool visualisation like the radar screens that many children can related to! If you want to make one as well check out this website for instructions.

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