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Building a Spatial Data Infrastructure

Creating an automated, live dashboard

In short, this project allowed me to focus on the construction of an automated spatial data architecture that: 

  • automatically pulls and filters updated data on COVID-19 cases and air traffic numbers from the web at regular intervals

  • formats and integrates the data into a database environment (postgreSQL)

  • connects to a published web feature service through ArcGIS Pro

  • integrates the visualised data into an interactive, dynamic online dashboard

This course familiarised me with the many components of an SDI that operate in the background to seamlessly update and integrate data across various platforms.

The dashboard was published through a university service, and has unfortunately been taken down since it was published. The documentation however is shown below.

SDI Concept
SDI Concept.png

For full documentation please visit the projects's Wiki page by clicking here

Below is a copy of the final documentation report, outlining the approach and implementation.

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