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Relevant Work Experience

Scientific Staff

Oct. 2021 - Present

Geo-social Analytics Lab

My research in the geo-social anlaytics lab focuses strongly on natural language processing (NLP) using transformer-based models such as RoBERTa and BERT-based custom models for large-scale geospatial, sentiment analyses of textual data. I have supported projects on geo-epidemiological research, network analyses for conspiracy theories on the web, and projects that focus on information fusion.

Salzburg, Austria

Work Experience

Project Staff

Oct. 2021 - Present

iDEAS:lab Salzburg

To support ongoing project work I participate in the programming of interactive web maps, creation of online ESRI hubs, the lab's spatial data management, project proposal writing and the design of workshops that advance the digital transformation for children and teenagers.

Salzburg, Austria

Work Experience

GIS Consultant

Oct. 2022 - Nov. 22

UNICEF Greece, 

Watershed Greece MKO

Following heavy flooding on mainland Greece, a rapid WASH assessment was to be conducted for project funding to improve water access certain heavily damaged areas. I was able to join the work team with the responsibility of geospatial data and mapping support: acquisition and analysis of very high resolution satellite imagery, elevation data, existing WASH data, survey data that was collected on the ground, conversion of historic WASH data, and overall data integration. I provided both static outputs and web-hosted interactive maps to accompany the assessment.



Lecturer for Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

Oct. 2022 - Present

Following a few semesters of tutoring for this course, I took over the teaching of this course. During this time, I updated the course's assignemnt and practical execises to applied, real-world case studies including landcover classification of flooded areas, image calibration for deforestation extent detection, data acquisition for the study of glacier melt and wildfires. 

Dep. of Geoinformatics,  University of Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria


Tutor for Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

Oct. 2021 - Jul. 2022

I've supported the teaching of satellite image processing and analysis techniques in ArcGIS, QGIS, and Google Earth Engine for a Bachelor-level course. My duties include the creation and teaching of hands-on sessions nearly every week, the generation of new assignments, assistance with the assignments and their subsequent discussion. I also assist with the grading.

Dep. of Geoinformatics,  University of Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria


GIS Officer

Jan. 2019 - Jan. 2022


Lesvos, Greece


Formerly for Moria Refugee Camp and presently for the new Mavrovouni RIC I support WASH, shelter, and general site planning activities by helping NGOs and humanitarian works on the ground become familiarised with GIS technologies to make use of these tool for their own tasks, with remote support from myelf.

I also have set up and now manage the database with which participant organisations perform their mapping tasks. I provide ongoing support and continue to set up new QGIS projects based on the database for new parties who may wish to make use of the mapping functionalities.

My role also comprises the creation, set-up, maintenance and any relevant support and training related to the effective use of GIS software for NGOs’ own purposes.

Some further mapping projects have included:

  • Service mapping for IRC and UNHCR

  • WASH mapping for German Red Cross

  • WASH planning for UNICEF

GeoHumanitarian Forum Organisation

Jan. 2021 - July 2021


Next to my studies and GIS work in Greece, I ​co-organised a GeoHumanitarian Forum for the GEOHUM Lab in Salzburg. The forum brought together humanitarian actors, research bodies and service providers in the field of Earth Observation and Geoinformatics in humanitarian contexts.

​Take a look at the final programme here

Salzburg, Austria


WASH Technician

Jan. 2019 - Sept. 2020


Lesvos, Greece


On a full-time basis, I worked in Moria Refugee Camp as part of a small organisation that held the main responsibility for all WASH facilities inside and around the camp, before it was destroyed in 2020. As a very hands-on job my tasks included:

  • Day-to-day maintenance and improvement of existing WASH facilities

  • Construction, plumbing, drainage works for new WASH facilities (showers, toilets, taps, drains, water and sewage pipes, etc.)

  • Report writing, administrative support


Nov. and Dec. 2019, Feb - Mar 2020

Face-to-face fundraising in MSF-Germany's seasonal travel-campaigns. The campaign involves travelling through Germany to different cities to represent MSF and to motivate citizens to become long-term donors.

MSF Germany




May - Sept. 2019

Volunteering position at Amnesty International UK headquarters in London to assist with fundraising activities.

Amnesty International

London, UK



Jul. - Sept. 2016

ACATA Trust Fiji

Nadi, Fiji

Acata Trust Fiji.JPG

ACATA is an NGO advocating Health & Wellbeing in Fiji's villages, schools and communities.

My responsibilities and tasks included:

  • Raising children’s awareness about healthy eating habits by teaching about self-empowerment to lead a healthier life

  • Working with school staff to create greater mutual understanding of how to improve students' lifestyles in a sustainable manner and how to best use multiple teaching methods

  • Researching children’s motivations for behavior change,

  • Researching the impact and responsibility of stakeholders in children’s livessee less​



Jul. - Sept. 2015

Sharana Social and Development Organisation

Pondicherry, India


Sharana is a growing grassroots NGO located in Pondicherry, India. Its aims are to ensure a stable environment for disadvantaged families and children and young women living in slums, through health care, financial support, and skills development.

My responsibilities and tasks included:

  • Managing computer filing systems, report and blog writing

  • In-depth work with young women to develop both language and practical customer-service skills

  • Assisting outreach programs in slums aimed at educating children and providing basic healthcare

  • Drafting a business plan for the organisation's fundraising café

  • Assistance in the planning of a new restaurant programme aimed at teenagers' skills-development



Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence with Python

CS50, Harvard University (via EdX)

Oct. 2021- May 2022



"Introduction to Computer Science":
Arrays, algorithms, memory and data structures in C, SQL, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flask, ethics.

"Introduction to Artificial Intelligence":
Graph search algorithms, adversarial search, knowledge representation, logical inference, probability theory, Bayesian networks, Markov models, constraint satisfaction, machine learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks, natural language processing

MSc Applied Geoinformatics


Oct. 2020 - Present

Salzburg, Austria

This degree is a hands-on learning experience in which I am able to refine my GIS skills. 

Focal points of this degree include:

• GIS methods

• Remote sensing: image acquisition, processing and analysis

• Data modelling

• Software engineering


MSc Global Health and Development


Sept. 2017 - Sept. 2018

London, UK


My dissertation focused on local women's advocacy role against gender-based violence within humanitarian conflict settings.

Courses taken in this Master's degree are:
• Concepts and Controversies in Global Health
• Research Methods in Global Health
• Power and Politics in Global Health
• Health Systems in a Global Context
• Infectious Disease Epidemiology
• Evaluating Interventions

• Health Economics
• International Governance and Politics of Global Health
• Programme Management in Global Health
• Responses to Humanitarian Situations from a Global Health Perspective

BA International Development


Sept. 2014 - Jul. 2017

Norwich, UK


During my BA my focus gradually shifted towards the area of health and humanitarian situations within international development.


My dissertation explored the internationally coordinated response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and it's policy implications for the future. Key arguments struck a somewhat critical note by pointing out that international power and policy structures continue to remain too inflexible and exclusive to powerful and central actors to enable effective and quick coordination between all stakeholder who may be able to contribute to successful crisis response.

My particular interest lies in the cross-over of humanitarian, crisis or emergency situations with health issues and how these are dealt with.



ArcGIS Pro/ ArcGIS Online


MS Office

DaVinci Resolve (Video editing)

DHI MIKE+ (Flood modelling)


Programming Languages







English (native)

German (native)

French (basic)

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